Roadmaster Baseplate #1419-5


Roadmaster Baseplate for a 1999-2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Laredo or Limited

6cyl or 8cyl

No Bumper Guard

Vehicle Baseplate; XL Series; Removable Tabs; With Safety Cable Hooks; With 2 Front Brace/ 2 Main Brace/ 1 Center Brace/ Four 10 Millimeter x 1.5 x 45 Millimeter Bolts/ Four 10 Millimeter Lock Washer/ Four 10 Millimeter Fender Washer/ Four 1/2 Inch x 1-1/4 Inch Bolt/ Two 1/2 Inch x 2 Inch Carriage Bolt With 3/4 Inch Head/ Six 1/2 Inch Lock Washer/ Four 1/2 Inch Flat Washer/ Two 1/8 Inch Spring Pin/ Two 10 Inch Safety Cable/ Two 5/8 Inch Draw Pins/ Two Cable Connectors/ Six 1/2 Inch Nuts/ Two 1 Inch x 1/2 Inch Spacers/ Two 1 Inch x 3/4 Inch Spacers

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